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Hi I have git on mac OSX Snow Leopard and I tried to edit my merge and diff tool to use kdiff3 instead of emerge.

But when I try to use it does not launch the GUI of kdiff and keeps me with a cmd based interface.

My setting in gitconfig are:

     tool = kdiff3
[mergetool "kdiff3"]
    cmd = /Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3
    args = $base $local $other -o $output
    trustExitCode = false
tool = kdiff3
[difftool "kdiff3"]
cmd = /Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3
args = $base $local $other -o $output
trustExitCode = false

There is obviously something missing but what did I do wrong ?

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it would help to post the command you use for diff –  CharlesB Mar 20 '12 at 0:05
sure I did git difftool -t kdiff3 and git mergetool -t kdiff3 –  AKFourSeven Mar 20 '12 at 1:01
Just installed kdiff3 with brew and mine works without defining [mergetool] or [difftool]. Just tool = kdiff3. Did you try that? –  Matt Briançon Dec 5 '12 at 18:14

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Recent Git versions have built-in support for kdiff3, so there's no need to configure it manually using the generic cmd and args settings. Instead do:

$ git config --global merge.tool kdiff3

And if kdiff3 is not in your path also do:

$ git config --global mergetool.kdiff3.path /Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3

This makes git mergetool launch kdiff3. Note that there is no way to configure Git to automatically launch your merge tool after a manual merge that has conflicts.

In case you really want to see how Git is calling kdiff3 internally, take a look at the built-in mergetool configuration for kdiff3.

Edit: For Beyond Compare 4, which now also supports Mac OS X, simply exchange kdiff3 with bc3 (yes, "3") and adjust the path in the above lines. Starting with Git 2.2.0 you'll be able to use bc as an alias for bc3 so that you do not have to care about the version number.

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I still had to install kdiff3. If you have homebrew, it's as easy as brew install kdiff3. That should be enough to put kdiff3 in the path. –  Johnny Oshika Mar 17 at 17:28
git config --global diff.tool kdiff3 –  mikelong May 18 at 10:30
@mikelong If diff.tool is not configured it falls back to merge.tool, so just configuring the latter is enough. –  sschuberth May 18 at 10:44
Strange, didn't seem to work for me on mac with git 2.3.3 –  mikelong May 19 at 11:43

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