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My site contains profile pages for companies.

I have recently converted the open graph metadata from a 'website' default object to a custom object called 'company'

When I add 'location' as a property of this object the suggested code looks like:

    <meta property="myappname:location:latitude"  content="<?= lat here ?>" /> 
    <meta property="myappname:location:longitude" content="<?= long here ?>" />

But the old suggested code looks like this:

    <meta property="og:latitude" content="<?= lat here ?>"/>
    <meta property="og:longitude" content="<?= long here ?>"/>

And the latter is what apis like foursquare's are expecting. Is there a reason the tags change for a custom object? Should I use one or both markup types?


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Use both tags. Then pass your URL through the Open Graph debugger at developers.facebook.com/tools/debug to ensure Facebook reads your tags correctly.

Facebook should read your custom namespace tags over the og:* tags, and other apps which read this data shouldn't be affected.

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