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My web app is built on top of Pinax. My problem has two parts.

Part one

The default LoginForm does not provide a reCaptcha field. To check brute-force attempts I would like to include one, but for this I would need to supply my own sub-class of LoginForm.

From the source it seems like I can pass form_class as extra options to the included urls conf, but then this would set my version of form as the form_class for signup view too. That is unfortunate. Is there any other way?

Part two

Second part of the problem is that I want to enhance the user experience. So, I would like to present the reCaptch field only when the users fails to authenticate for the third consecutive times. For this to work, I am considering keeping a failed attempt counter in the user session. The problem is how do get reference to session object from the __init__() of the form?

Is there anyway I can achieve this without modifying Pinax code?

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