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I am using Python and Twisted. I have a pdb trace set inside a GET request. I want to print all the attributes of the request object. I am trying the following: I am in pdb inside a

(Pdb) request
<GET /foo HTTP/1.1>
(Pdb) for d in dir(request):
*** SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing (<stdin>, line 1)

I am sure there is something fundmental I am missing here. Any help appreciated.


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You can't enter multi-line statements in pdb. You can use the commands command if the code block is to be executed on a break point, though; help commands for more information.

You can also sometimes collapse a multi-line statement into a single line. For example:

for d in dir(request): print d

In your particular case, though, it seems that either print dir(request) or pp dir(request) would suffice.

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Thanks. As I suspected, something fundamental. –  Doo Dah Mar 19 '12 at 21:18

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