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I am trying to set a window at the bottom right of my screen. Its FormBorderStyle is set to None. I don't want the user to have the ability to move it around. Unfortunately, if the user presses Winkey+Up (maximize in Win7), it will relocate the form to (0,0) on my desktop.

I tried resetting the location in the LocationChanged event but when I changed the Left/Top or Location properties, they would not actually change.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can resolve this?


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You'll probably need to change the forms WindowState back to normal if you expect to be able to move it around. –  M.Babcock Mar 19 '12 at 21:19
This solved the issue, actually. If you could post it as an answer I can mark it as such. –  CodeSlinger512 Mar 19 '12 at 21:34

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You can't programmatically change your form's location if it is maximized. You'll need to change its WindowState property to FormWindowState.Normal before trying to set its location.

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+1 for reposting as an answer –  GETah Mar 19 '12 at 22:06

You need a GlobalSystemHook, and itsn't a trivial work.
At this url (CodeProject) there is an useful example.

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Fortunately for me, M. Babcock's worked for me. Thanks for your input, though. –  CodeSlinger512 Mar 19 '12 at 21:38

Set your FormBorderStyle to one of FixedSingle, Fixed3D, FixedDialog or FixedToolWindow AND set MaximizeBox and MinimizeBox to false.

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I need the form border to not be there for aesthetic reasons. M.Babcock resolved my issue, though. Thanks for the input! –  CodeSlinger512 Mar 19 '12 at 21:38

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