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Working with rails 3.1 here.

I'm wondering if there are any best practices for defining routes for views are meant to be sent to the printer. For instance, I have a report at "/daily" which has a print function that opens up a new nicely formatted printer view.

What URL should this view sit on? Couple ideas are:

  • /daily/print
  • /daily?media=print

What have other people used?

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Either is fine.

Probably the main consideration is whether your app is public facing and accessible to search engines. Typically you want to prevent them from indexing (duplicate) content, which a printable version would be, and typically it's easier to exclude search engines (using the robots.txt file) from printable content if it's part of the path, as opposed to the query-string.

Otherwise, it's easier to just tack on the query string parameter and use that to set the printable version of your stylesheet and/or views. This approach saves having to create a new route, which may be more flexible.

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