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I am using the following code to try and move a simple div element with id='block' down a page. but using alerts I see that my move function makes the css top value jump from 0 to 1.78957e+7px on the second call:

function init()
var block = $('#block');
block.css( {backgroundColor:'#ff0000',
block.vx = block.vy = 0.0001;

function move(obj, t1)
if(t1==null)t1=new Date().getTime();
var t2 = new Date().getTime() - t1;
var rel_top = obj.vy*t2;
var rel_left = obj.vx*t2;

any suggestions how to make this a smooth movement please?

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You should be using this for setTimeout:

setTimeout(function() {move(obj,t2);},100);

Otherwise you are calling the function and using its return value (undefined) as the thing to be called in 100ms.

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You can make a recursive function call using animate which will make the transition smoother. Example:

function move()
    $('#block').animate({ top: '+=' + rel_top + 'px' }, function()
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