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I designed the schemas much like a relational database. Like so:

  user_id: String

  user_id: String
  book_id: String

  book_id: String
  page_id: String

Because a User can have many many books, and a Book has many pages.

Now I want to query the first 5 pages of the first 25 books of a user. How would I do that in MongoDB?

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Well, MongoDB doesn't really have 'relational' features like MySQL/etc have. So you need to fetch the data using multiple queries by first getting your user's id, then finding books like db.books.find({ "user_id": uid }).limit(25), then using that to go through each book to similarly find the first 5 pages of each.

Alternatively you could embed the pages into the book, but then we get into a whole other story about how to optimize the querying :)

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Right. That make sense. –  esjd Mar 20 '12 at 18:56

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