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I have an iframe tab which holds php page with various links inside (like "News", "Photos" etc.). Is it possible to generate a facebook link which leads directly to certain link inside the iframe? By facebook link I mean link that will keep you on facebook, open your iframe tab and view certain page on that iframe. The thing is that all I can do now is to link only to my iframe tab which has address like http://www.facebook.com/mypage/app_someid. Then I will land on my default page tab url. But I want to land on different one. Any tips on this one?

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Passing an app_data parameter to the tab URL is passed back to your application as part of the signed_request parameter in FB's post call to include your content. Use that parameter after de-signing it to then decide what to show and what not to.

Your URLs will become like:

http://www.facebook.com/mypage/app_someid?app_data=showViewX http://www.facebook.com/mypage/app_someid?app_data=showViewY

and then in your code:

// Get Signed Request
$app_data = $signed_request['app_data'];
if($app_data === "showViewX") {
  // Show one view
} else {
  // show others..

Currently, the app_data param is not sent if the user just liked the page when he lands on it with an app_data param. The bug on FB has been filed at https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/172963266154996 and we are all hoping for an early resolution.

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Thx a lot Shreeni! I will test it out. –  Jan Wrm Mar 20 '12 at 8:23

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