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I have a functional integrated system of Moodle (2.2) and Mahara (1.4) connected with mnet.

I was wondering if below are possible:

  • If a course is created in Moodle, can a group be created in Mahara automatically with the same course name. (As mentioned in the road map of Mahara).


  • If a user enrolls in a course in Moodle can the user be assigned to a group automatically.

  • If a user completes a course in Moodle, can a protfolio on Mahara be populated automatically.

Do I need to use webservices to do the above?

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This is not yet possible and might be a bit of a headache to implement with webservices. Given that you control both systems, a far simpler solution would be to write a custom script that would run via cron and read/write directly to the databases. We are not yet able to do the above, but are planning to write some code that will do so, possibly open sourcing it later.

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