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I was looking at this posting where the op says he is canceling requests in web view:shouldStartLoadWithRequest:

How to do authentication in UIWebView properly?

How is that possible? I don't see any API on NSURLRequest to cancel it. I know its possible to cancel an NSURLConnection, if the op meant to say NSURLConnection in the posting instead of NSURLRequest, then how do you obtain the underlying NSURLConnection from within a UIWebView?

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An NSURLRequest isn't itself a process to be canceled, so there's no API for it. When a UIWebView sends its delegate a webView:shouldStartLoadWithRequest: message, it's asking whether it should start the process of fetching data from / posting data to a URL -- the NSURLRequest parameter is an object which simply describes that proposed action, not the object which performs it. (If UIWebView is using an underlying NSURLConnection, it hasn't created it yet; that's what it's asking to do.) "Canceling the request" is simply a matter of returning NO from that method.

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@Mr. Peckington: True, writing is on the wall –  rokjarc Mar 20 '12 at 0:24

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