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I am pretty new to Orchard. I created a simple feedback form widget. This is what I have in the controller to insert the data into the database, but it's not working.

    public ActionResult Feedback(FeedbackViewModel form)
        var feedback = _orchardServices.ContentManager.New<FeedbackPart>("FeedbackWidget");

        feedback.EmailAddress = form.EmailAddress;
        feedback.Name = form.Name;
        feedback.Comment = form.Comment;
        feedback.SubmitDate = DateTime.Now;


        return View("FeedbackSent", form);

Any idea what am I doing wrong? It doesn't throw any errors, but I don't see any new record being inserted to the database table.


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The best advice here is probably to check this out, which will be part of Orchard 1.5m but already works on 1.4: http://orchardcustomforms.codeplex.com/

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var feedback = _orchardServices.ContentManager.New<FeedbackPart>("FeedbackWidget");

Assuming FeedbackWidget is the content type which represents the widget you are using to collect the feedback, I'm not sure if you want to be creating a new widget every time.

It would make more sense to have a second content type - FeedbackResponse with a part to hold EmailAddress, Name, Comment etc, and create a new FeedbackResponse content item on which to store the individual bits of feedback.

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Thanks. Using a new content type worked. –  user471317 Mar 21 '12 at 0:12
I just noticed, I see 15+ Feedback content items in the admin dashboard, one for each feedback I submitted. This is not desirable, as when the site goes live, the list will grow very big. I guess creating a feedback page as a content type is not the right way to do it. –  user471317 Mar 28 '12 at 22:41

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