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I want to start a online travel business and wandering if there are any opensource (free) asp.net projects (web form or MVC,better be MVC) that can be used as an online travel website.The most important function of the website will be : 1.Adding tours information . 2.Showing tours to customers. 3.Ordering the tours. 4.Payments. 5.Background CMS.

Can anyone recommend me any projects that meet my needs? Not all of my needs ,but some of them :),the more the better :) Thank you very much!!

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You are looking for a content management system with additional modules added on to it.

There are a good few CMS's in .NET, I would consider DotNetNuke the number 1 choice from personal experience. There are two others that spring to mind: Umbraco and Kentico

There is a good comparison between the three of them here.

Also, The Orchard CMS seems to be growing in popularity these days.

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