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I was looking at as I want to create a similar layout for something and I noticed that the photos are cropped in the thumbnails sometimes so that the vertically alignment is perfect at the top and bottom.

Any ideas on how they calculate the ratios for this?

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The website have pictures of different sizes. If you want a small clip of the whole image do it this way. It is created using CSS clip property. It is part of CSS2.1.

<div class="myclipwrapper">
    <div class="clip">
      <img src="    content/uploads/2011/07/com.rovio_.angrybirds_icon.png" />

       clip:rect(50px 218px 155px 82px);

However if you want to specifically show a thumbnail I suggest use it this way:

  <a href=" content/uploads/2011/07/com.rovio_.angrybirds_icon.png">

  <img height=100 width=150 src="">

Hope it helps.

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Interesting. The picssy founder told me the use some kind of algorithm and actually crop the images but that is good to know. – ian Mar 26 '12 at 7:02

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