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I have a custom drop down menu that I have coded for Wordpress. It renders great in every browser on my PC, but on the Mac, it is off by about 5 - 10 pixels. Also, the width isn't right. It is supposed to be 145px wide.

Can someone please have a look and see if they can spot the problem?

Here is the link with the menu in place: http://s5.mynewsitereview.com

Here is the CSS:

#navcontainer   { float:right ;
padding:23px 0px 22px 0px ;
position:relative ;
top:65px ;
z-index:9999 ;

.jsddm li
{   display:inline ;
height:68px ;

.jsddm li a
{ display:block ;
float:left ;
padding:26px 28px 26px 28px ;
color:#ffffff ;
font-family:Garamond,Times Roman,serif ;
font-weight:bold ;
font-size:17px ;
text-decoration:none ;
text-align:center ;
background:#585858 ;
border-left:1px solid #ffffff ;
whitespace:nowrap ;

.jsddm li a:hover
{ background:#84aeaf }

li.current_page_item a { background:#84aeaf }

    .jsddm li ul
    {   margin: 0;
        width:145px ;
        margin-top:70px ;
        margin-left:227px ;
        padding:0 ;
        position: absolute;
        visibility: hidden;}

    .jsddm li ul li
    {   float: none;
        display: inline ;
        padding:0 ;
        margin:0 ;

    .jsddm li ul li a
    {   display:block ;
        width: 145px;
        background: #585858 ;
        color:#ffffff ;
        font-size:16px ; 
        border-left:none ;
        border-top:1px solid #ffffff ;

    .jsddm li ul li a:hover
    {   background: #84aeaf ;
    color:#ffffff }
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Which browser on Mac, what's the browser version and what's the Mac OS X version? The rendering can vary depending on the browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and also versions of browser / OS. – louielouie Mar 20 '12 at 2:51
It's bad bad bad to nest elements rendered as blocks (a) inside elements rendered as inline (li) - plus the height declaration on li would never get applied – o.v. Mar 20 '12 at 3:17
Firefox on the Mac. Which ver. of Mac OS X I don't know. It renders fine in all browsers (IE8+, FF, Saf, Chr, and Opera) on PC. – Cynthia Mar 20 '12 at 3:25
Should I change the li to float:left as opposed to inline? – Cynthia Mar 20 '12 at 3:26

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