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I would like to have a configuration section like the following:

 <add name="myelement" type="class, assembly" var1="value" var2="value" />
 <add name="myelement2" type="class2, assembly" var1="value" var3="value" var4="value" />

The idea being that the actual ConfigurationElement created is defined by the type value, and that each element will have its own specific set of attributes.

Another option would be that all the elements are the same, but they load the values from a different configuration section, e.g.:

 <add name="myelement" configuration="myothersection" />
 <add name="myelement2" configuration="myothersection2" />

<myothersection type="class, assembly" var1="value" var2="value" />

This seems easier to implement but leads to more verbose configuration file.

Is the first option respecting the .NET configuration pattern, and secondly, is that possible?

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Yes it is possible! Check out this post for details:


Along the same lines here a solution that allows you to read extremely flexible xml using IConfigurationSectionHandler: http://alt.pluralsight.com/wiki/default.aspx/Craig/XmlSerializerSectionHandler.html

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Something else you could do is override OnDeserializeUnrecognizedElement. This way you could create a ParametersConfigurationElement like this:

  <string name="Patrick Huizinga" />
  <string country="the Netherlands" />
  <int currentScore="206" />

The OnDeserializeUnrecognizedElement takes an XmlReader that you can inquire about the attributes of the custom element. By using TypeConverter.ConvertFromInvariantString (you can get a TypeConverter from TypeDescriptor.GetConverter) you can even support types like DateTime and Uri without any extra effort.

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