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I have two views.

view1 passes an error message to view2 through a session key.

How do I delete the key after view2 is rendered? I only need it for once: redirect from view1 to view2. I dont need that message to show up after refreshing my webpage. I don't think python will continue to execute once it reaches return

I was thinking about setting an expiration timestamp but I need to ensure that it exists for at least 10-20 seconds, if the application really does that long to load (we do some server stuff with Django)? So time is not that promising.


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You can delete the key from the session like any other dictionary.

del request.session['your key']

You may need to mark the session as modified for it to save, depending on some of your settings.

request.session.modified = True
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Sorry. I made the whole thing so complicated. I just save it to local var, and it's done. Just delete it. Thanks. I am thinking too much. –  CppLearner Mar 20 '12 at 4:15

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