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I am a node.js developer. I have used Heroku and Joyent's platform before .

For both of these platforms , the deployment used to be simple

git push heroku master ( Heroku )

git push joyent master ( Joyent's node)

The above commands used to do the magic . They enabled me to push the code from my local machine to the cloud server, deploy it and automatically restart the server .

Now I am planning to use Amazon AWS as its more configurable to my needs. How do I setup a similar thing on Amazon EC2 for continuos deployment ?

I am using an Ubuntu AMI.

Is there any tool that help me achieve this ? If there are any resources/tutorials that might help me - please let me know.

Thanks !

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That auto-deploy mechanism is implemented with Git Hooks. The most likely hook used is post-update.

It's a simple bash script that is executed on a git push; put one in a git repository on your EC2 server including the code to re-run NPM (if needed) and restart your code.

That's should do it. :)

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Use roco - deployment solution inspired by capistrano, working great with express/railwayjs + git + upstart. If you have another env feel free to customize it using

It also can be simply configured with post-update hook to work exacty as in heroku and joyent.

Here is tiny tutorial for this tool:

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Check out AWS Elastic Beanstalk

It lets you deploy your application to an amazon ec2 instance by running:

git aws.push --environment testing
// or
git aws.push --environment production

The documentation page contains a lot of quality information to get your started!

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