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I have written the following piece of code that reads through a given xml-file and writes the contents into a data-table. Please do NOT suggest to use LinqToXml as that option is ruled because this is a legacy application.

            // create the DataTable that will hold the data
            DataTable table = new DataTable("ListOfPersonsWithInfo");

            // open the file using a Stream
            using (Stream stream = new FileStream(fileNameWithAbsolutePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
                // create the table with the appropriate column names
                table.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(String));
                table.Columns.Add("ImagePath", typeof(String));
                table.Columns.Add("Address", typeof(String));

                // use ReadXml to read the XML stream

                // tried with this overload-option as well but didnt help

                // return the results
                return table;

BUT the returned-table contains ZERO rows...!!! where as the actual xml file has '3 rows' and is structured as follows (ANY IDEA what is going wrong here?):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <ImagePathAndFileName>C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Desert.jpg</ImagePathAndFileName>
        <ImagePathAndFileName>C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Desert.jpg</ImagePathAndFileName>
        <ImagePathAndFileName>C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Desert.jpg</ImagePathAndFileName>
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You can use ReadXML

        DataSet ds = new DataSet();
        return ds.Tables[0];
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Thats it PraVn... but still unable to fathom as to why the dataTABLE.ReadXml() fails but the dataSET.ReadXml() works?... so is there something specific to internal implementation of this ReadXml. – MukeshAnAlsoRan Mar 20 '12 at 6:13
Yes.<Details> is the root which has three levels which is not possible to load in datatable – PraVn Mar 20 '12 at 6:16
Thanks PraVn... u seem to be having a very clear view of the internal workings of ADO.NET. Just in case if it suits you, can you have a look at my other question <…;. This question nobody has attempted to answer or may be it is too vague for some or could be too time consuming for someone to answer with a diagram). – MukeshAnAlsoRan Mar 20 '12 at 6:44

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