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I am confused in an issue. I have thrown an exception for unauthorized user in a function. When I call this function it shows *Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'HTTPErrorException' * My code is

throw new HTTPErrorException ( 'You are not allowed to access this method.', 401 );

How can I catch this Exception so that I can show some CSS instead of the stack trace which is comming

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"show some CSS"?! – ThiefMaster Mar 21 '12 at 7:53
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the error code shows that you haven't caught the exception, so it will throw this error. every exception should be caught by your code

try {
  throw new HTTPErrorException ( 'You are not allowed to access this method.', 401 );
} catch (HTTPErrorException $e) {
  // generate a stack trace here and show it to user
  // you can use $e->getTraceAsString() or $e->getTrace() functions here to get stack trace

or if you don't want to use try / catch blocks then you can create a exception handler function that will be called whenever your application has not caught the exception anywhere

function exception_handler($exception) {
  echo "Custom Exception: " , $exception->getMessage(), "\n";


check more about exceptions

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