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I want to use markdown as my redmine wiki engine.

I installed the markdown plugin and it worked well.

The only question is, how can I convert those old wiki (textile) into markdown so they can be displayed correctly?

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Since this is a once-only task why not pandoc -f textile -t markdown oldfile.text -o newfile.md? Try it at Try Pandoc.

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That came to my mind at the first place, but I failed to do cabal install cabal-install on my centOs 5. I'll give it a try next time. –  hSATAC Mar 21 '12 at 5:41

I wrote a rake task to convert all wiki pages and their versions to markdown.

Put this into lib/tasks/convert_textile_to_markdown.rake:

task :convert_textile_to_markdown => :environment do
  require 'tempfile'
  WikiContent.all.each do |wiki|
    ([wiki] + wiki.versions).each do |version|
      textile = version.text
      src = Tempfile.new('textile')
      dst = Tempfile.new('markdown')

      command = [
      system(*command) or raise "pandoc failed"

      markdown = dst.read

      # remove the \ pandoc puts before * and > at begining of lines
      markdown.gsub!(/^((\\[*>])+)/) { $1.gsub("\\", "") }

      # add a blank line before lists
      markdown.gsub!(/^([^*].*)\n\*/, "\\1\n\n*")

      version.update_attribute(:text, markdown)

And run:

bundle exec rake convert_textile_to_markdown RAILS_ENV=production
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This works great in redmine 2.5.2 (after my edit of filename and the RAILS_ENV) –  Lauer Jul 29 at 7:48

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