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Zend Framework: Model class not found

I am using ZF 1.11 and made a form element class to create drop down menu on the form . i get the error: Fatal error: Class 'Application_Form_Element_MenuSelect' not found after uploading the application in development server while It works perfectly in local xampp. Please help

    $project_menu1 = new Application_Form_Element_MenuSelect('task_project_id');
    $project_menu1->setLabel('Select Project: ')
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As it worked on Windows and doesn't work on your dev server, I suspect that you have a case-sensitivity issue with filenames as your dev server will almost certainly need the case of the filename to be correct.

Things to check:

  1. The file is called MenuSelect.php
  2. The folder name to MenuSelect.php has the correct case (probably should be application/forms/Element)
  3. The class name within MenuSelect.php is correct
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