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I have a task_id table which has two columns:

`tid`:task id,

It's easy if I use only one client(Perl script): fetch one unfinished task id,update it to processing, process it, and update it to finished in a loop.

But I'm planning to use several clients to do the task. There is a chance that two clients fetch a record in the same time, how to avoid it?

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If your mysql table's engine is INNODB then it locks that particular row while updating the table record so other request will not be conflicted with previous update.

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If your table engine is MyISAM you can lock and unlock the table explicitly. Have a look at "LOCK TABLES" for this functionality. InnoDB would be a cleaner way to go, though. –  oalders Mar 20 '12 at 16:11

Have the update be something like:

update task_id set state=1 where tid=? and state=0;

then check if the update actually modified a record.

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