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I am new to using soap. I have a soap method returning an object. one of the attribute is description. The value of the description is "sample description" wrapped around p tag and bold tag respwctively . The soap method returns the description as said above but in soap ui the open tag is displayed as & lt;(without space) The soap UI version i use is 3.6.1. I could not understand what makes this to happen. I tried applying a function to the description attribute which removes the tags and returns only "sample description" that works fine.The function uses regular expression to remove the tags "\<.*?\>".So I confirmed that the tags are readable while this function is getting executed and getting removed by the function, but in soapUI it displays open tag as & lt; (without space)

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&lt; is the HTML encoded version of <. It will have to encode < tags in the SOAP or else how would it know where the correct SOAP < tags are. you need to decode these on the other side, depending on what your connecting to the SOAP service with.

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