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While I was deploying my application in JBoss5.1.0.GA, I have removed the hsqldb-ds from the deploy folder and I had application specific ds file,then I have faced the issues like.

  • The SLSB's are not registered in the Global JNDI

  • EJBTimerService is not deployed and so on

So, is this mandatory to keep hsqldb-ds? What are utilities in JBoss using the DefaultDS ? Can I configure those utilities/services to use different data source?

Need your advice and knowledge , thanks in advance

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Things like the EJBTimerService use a database, and out of the box that is hsqldb-ds. You can replace this with another equally-named datasource (ie also named DefaultDS) configured for another datasource such as Oracle/MySQL/etc.

You can find the components that make use of DefaultDS by running the following command from your server folder:

grep DefaultDS -R *
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Thanks Rich,that was helpful! –  Murugesh Mar 20 '12 at 12:30

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