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Can you suggest a kind of map or similar data structure where we can get both the value and key from each other at equal ease. That is to say, that each may be used to find other.

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You could make your own class containing two hasmaps, one for each direction, and manage them in parallel. The obvious downside is a doubling in storage space and performance time. –  Jean-François Corbett Mar 20 '12 at 7:48

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Java doesn't have a bidirectional map in its standard library.

Use for example BiMap from Google Guava .

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Google Guava contains a BiMap (BiDirectional Map).

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The most common solution is using two maps. You can easily encapsulate them in a class with a friendly interface by extending AbstractMap. (Update: This is how Guava's HashBiMap is implemented: two maps)

Creating a new data structure using nothing but arrays and custom classes has few advantages. The map implementations are lightweight wrappers of a data structure that indexes the keys. Since you need two indexes you might as well use two complete maps.

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