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I'm trying to set up pik on my windows machine. In the .pikrc file, there's these lines of code:

pik_path=/c/Program files/pik

function pik  {
  $pik_path/pik_runner.exe pik.sh $@
  [[ -s $USERPROFILE/.pik/pik.sh ]] && source $USERPROFILE/.pik/pik.sh

Apparently, the git bash can't deal with the space between Program and files.

How can I resolve this?

When starting git:

sh.exe": files/pik: No such file or directory
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Got it to work with

pik_path="/c/Program Files/pik"

function pik  {
  "$pik_path/pik_runner.exe" pik.sh $@
  [[ -s "$USERPROFILE/.pik/pik.sh" ]] && source "$USERPROFILE/.pik/pik.sh"
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