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For some languages CompareString(Ex) first compares the characters by ignoring any accents. They are compared in a second pass if the strings are considered equal.

This leads to these sort orders with German umlauts:

1. u
2. ü
First pass:  u == u 
Second pass: u <  ü
1. üa
2. uz
First pass:  u == u, but a < z
Second pass: Skipped

In my use case this is not desired and I wonder if it is possible to somehow force CompareString to compare accented characters in the first pass, so that this sort order is achived:

1. uz
2. üa

The available flags seem to be able to skip the second pass entirely but that would only worsen the problem. I hope there's something I missed. Perhaps (mis-)using one of the sort orders to be used with MAKELCID.

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Pretty unclear exactly what you are looking for. CompareStringOrdinal() gives you that sort order. – Hans Passant Mar 20 '12 at 10:54

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