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I'm building a PHP-website based on XML-documents. I know the security-caveats. One problem I didn't foresee was that when an XML-file is loaded, the result is no ordinary array, so regular sorting, limiting or randomizing does not work.

The solution that I found on stackoverflow is that I should load the file, remove all elements and rebuild the result, so I did this:

if ( is_file( $file ) ) {

//Load the XML file
$loaded = simplexml_load_file( $file );

//We will be sorting the list based on lname
$names = array();
foreach ($loaded->xpath('//account/lname') as $name) {
$names[] .= $name;

//Rebuild the XML-list by lname
$list = array();
foreach ($names as $item) {
$list .= $loaded->xpath("//account[lname=\"{$item}\"]");

//Return the list
return (object)$list;

The problem is that the result now does not work with xpath (ERROR: 'Call to undefined method stdClass::xpath()'). Can this be remedied somehow or should I process the result as an array from that point on?

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I think I have found an answer - I will update this section tonight after I've been able to test it out. More info: link - how this did not show up in previous searches is a mystery... – zenlord Mar 20 '12 at 13:06
If you found the solution please add it as an answer below and accept it. This will ensure if ever anybody else had the same problem they also would benefit from your solution. – StasM Mar 20 '12 at 16:20

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