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I am developing a reporting application using BIRT. The database field contains other characters with the numerical data. I needed to filter out all other unwanted characters and extract only the numerical data from the database field. I didn't do it at the query(It was not feasible with my requirements). I did it at the BIRT script. But the javascript regex part of following BIRT script is not working. (But the javascript regex is correct. I tested it in online javascript validating sites) But with the BIRT script, regex part is not working. How can I implement this BIRT script correctly?

if(BirtComp.like(row["fldDescription"],"%Plate Count%",true)){
var data = row["bbb"];
var num = 0;
    num= parseFloat(data.match(/\d+/)[0]);//this is the regex part that is not working
    num = row["bbb"];

    if(BirtComp.match(row["fldResult3"],"/^.*<.*/") ){
    }else if(num==100){

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Regards, Aruna

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Its been forever since I did BIRT, but I believe BIRT scripting is just a JavaScript interpreter for Java. I am pretty sure you can create and use Java objects. I think this site speaks to it some, but you should be able to Google it fairly easily.

Probably the best way would be to use the Java Regex APIs. It allows regular expression processing, but you could also just parse it by hand.

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