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I am learning jQuery UI. I downloaded a code in which the author made a plugin. Code is working but i am confusing when author is calling a function. Here is the code


    $.widget("ui.calculator", {

        options: {

            autoShow: true,
            currentSum: []

        }, //end of options

        _create: function(){..},
        destroy: function(){..},
        disable: function(){..},
        enable: function() {..},
        show: function() {
            var el = this.element.children(":first");
            if (el.is(":hidden")) {
            this._trigger("show", null, this.element);
        }, //end of show()

         _addHoverState: function(){..}, 
    }); //end of $.widget()


and here it is calling the method


    //To configure the autoShow option, we could use:
    //To add a handler for the custom show event we defined     
        autoShow: true,
        show: function(e, ui) {
            alert(e + ", " + $(ui).attr("id"));

 }); //end of document.ready(fn)

I am confusing in calling. I define show method just show: function(){} no argument i am passing. But when calling i am writing show: function(e, ui) {} passing two arguments to my show function. Why? Also i debug it in the firebug and i noticed that after show: function(e, ui) { line, it comes to _create() method of the plugin , but don't go inside show method. Why? Thanks

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You have two entirely different shows. This one:

    show: function(e, ui) { /* ... */ }

is a callback function that your calculator widget calls. Somewhere inside your widget you'd say:

this.options.show.call(some_sensible_this, e, ui);

to call it with whatever context (some_sensible_this) makes sense for your widget or if you don't care about the context, you'd just say:

this.options.show(e, ui);

The show that you define with the widget factory:

show: function() {
    var el = this.element.children(":first");
    if (el.is(":hidden")) {
    this._trigger("show", null, this.element);

will be a jQuery-UI style method on your widget that you'd call like this:


That "message passing" interface is the usual way of calling methods in the jQuery-UI world; the standard behavior for a jQuery plugin is to return a jQuery object for chaining so it is difficult for a plugin to return a custom object with normal JavaScript methods on it. To have chaining and the ability to call custom methods at the same time, you call the plugin with a method name and arguments:

$(...).somePlugin('some_method', arg1, arg2, ...)

Look at any of the Methods tabs in the jQuery-UI documentation for examples; the accordion has things like this:

.accordion( "activate" , index )

Activate a content part of the Accordion programmatically.

There's also a third show in play here and that's this one:


That show is just the usual jQuery show function.

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Hhmmm. I saw the code and i didn't find any line as you said this.options.show.call(some_sensible_this, e, ui);. That's why it is not coming inside this method. But in the _create function there is a line (this.options.autoShow) ?container.appendTo(this.element): container.appendTo(this.element).hide();. Means if i set autoShow:false', then do not append to container. It means neither my show() method is calling nor show: function(e, ui) { /* ... */ } is calling. After setting autoShow option, jQuery UI automatically calling the _create method. Am i right? – Basit Mar 21 '12 at 5:00
@Basit: this.options.show.call(some_sensible_this, e, ui); is just an example of how the callback might be called, I don't know any more about the plugin than your sample so I don't know how it is really called. _create is called by jQuery UI as a constructor, this.options holds the options passed to $(...).calculator({...}). If you set autoShow:false then you probably have to $('#calc').calculator('show') to get it to show, I don't know when the show callback will be called. – mu is too short Mar 21 '12 at 5:14
@muOK :). You explained me really well. Yup you just gave me an example but it clears me that why the show method isn't calling. One thing that i want to ask is this i just used jQuery UI tabs in which i used something like this var tabOpts = {select:function(event, tab){...}};->$("#myTabs").tabs(tabOpts);. So here i am calling tab callback. Means somewhere in the tab.js plugin there is a line which is like this.options.select.call(some_sensible_this, e, ui). Am i right? Can you tell me what are event and tab in this case that i am passing to my select function? Thanks – Basit Mar 22 '12 at 5:04
@Basit: Somewhere there is something like that .call(...) but it might be hard to recognize. The tabs docs are a bit sparse, you'll have to console.log(event) and console.log(ui) to see what's in them. – mu is too short Mar 22 '12 at 7:22
OK, thank you very much:) – Basit Mar 22 '12 at 10:07

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