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I have a problem with changing colors in android. I have a list where I add elements using:


In onCreate() I implement some like this:


pictureOne and pictureTwo are:

    pictureOne = (ImageView) findViewById(;
    pictureTwo = (ImageView) findViewById(;

I want to both of my imageview change their color on blue and yellow when I start activity. I think that I have a bug in adding to my list. I know that I can change color in layout, but I must do this, this way. Help me pls.

For example: I have two imageViews on layout. They have white colors. I want to change their colors when I run activity and I click the button. OnClick listener is implemented but I get nullpointexception when I try change colors.

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If you have a image in background of your image view,then Change color will not show any background.It will simply show background image.For more info Read This – Sameer Mar 20 '12 at 9:25
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The problem is that you are using setImageResource(int resId) and the method argument is a drawable resource, not a color. If you look at your logs you will probably see a warning or exception saying that the resource is not found.

You can use this instead:

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If your only goal is to change the color of the background why dont you just do,

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Parameter of setImageResource is resource id. You are puting color in it. Use:


Or define yoyr colors in colors.xml and use:


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you have set at dynamically then you have do like..try like this..


hope this may help you.

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setImageResource is used to set any image which is available in drawable folder as below


You are using this method to set color with direct value. It will give unknown result, because at run time the color value will be considered as resource id.

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