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I have a Gtk# based project developed in Mono, target for Mac OS X. Now, I want to add a browser which is used just to display a static string with HTML format. However, I cannot find any solution. I know that Mono do support MonoMac.Webkit but it cannot be added into my Gtk application.

Do you guys have any experiences with this problem?


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Webkit-sharp could be useful to you - I do not know however if it still works well. Some sample can be found here.

On the other hand the Banshee team have their bindings to webkit, which are maintained and working well. You can find some source code here (maybe just grabbing the native library and GTK widget will do).

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I found that it's quite difficult to integrate webkit-sharp in to Gtk application in Mac. However, since I only need to display a static HTML, so I used Gtk.Label with Pango Markup which can display some of the HTML tags with some minor modification.

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