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By development of portlets, hooks etc. I have seen different approaches for logging in Liferay. Is there default logging approach - The Liferay Way - that I can use.

1.How to initialize the logger?

2.How to config the logging levels?

I have seen that the logging level can be modified direct in Liferay - Control Panel, is it good? How can I combine it with config file?

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You can find the basic logging information you need in Liferay Documentation.

Summarized: you should instantiate your Log4j Log object through LogFactory, identified by the current class name, then enable that log category on the control panels "Log level" settings tab.

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Logging comes ready to go out of the box.

Inside your class variable declarations use this:

private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(name-of-class.class);

Then down in your code use this to output to the catalina.out file in liferay/tomcat/logs

     log.info("Some info you want to see");


     log.error("This error was thrown!");
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