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I am new to Visual Studio 2010 and I am missing one Notepad++ feature, that is collapsing...

Where do I anable such option in Visual Studio and Resharper?

enter image description here

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Have a look at this and let me know what you think. http://jsoutlining.codeplex.com/ This Visual Studio Addon will let you expand and collapse css- and javascript files just as you can do with regular .cs (or .vb)-files.

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It works like a charm, straight from the box. –  Michal Stefanow Mar 21 '12 at 10:45

Ctrl+M,Ctrl+O to collapse function body

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thanks alot for this –  Bat_Programmer Feb 12 at 2:20

At least for .css files:
You can add outlining glyphs wherever you want by:

  • Select some rows (which should be outlined) and then
  • Press Ctrl+M, Ctrl+H.

Now you have the outlining glyph. You can close the file and reopen it - the outlining glyphs remain.

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There is no expand/collapse outline option available in visual studio for CSS files.

With some files, such as C# / VB class files, you can outline code using 'regions' or automatically by setting it in Tools -> Options -> TextEditor -> your language -> Formatting, but this is not included for CSS.

All the best

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I would be recommend Web Essentials extension [http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/6ed4c78f-a23e-49ad-b5fd-369af0c2107f].

Besides desired feature it provides great set of another ones.

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