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I'm trying to set up emacs for editing files on my private server from our Win7 machines at school.

I have set up emacs, changed the default method in .emacs:

(setq tramp-default-method "pscp")

and downloaded pscp & plink.

The problem is, I can't edit the %path% on the local machine and I can't put pscp & plink in any location in the %path%. How do I tell Emacs where to find them?

Edit: Turns out I can edit environment variables it just didn't show up right away and there was an unrelated problem. Editing a user environment variable of the same name as a global one seems to append the user value to the global one.

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I can't even get tramp to work right over SSH within my Debian box... –  SamB Mar 23 '12 at 3:31
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Emacs' exec-path variable would probably be helpful for this:

  -- User Option: exec-path
     The value of this variable is a list of directories to search for
     programs to run in subprocesses.  Each element is either the name
     of a directory (i.e., a string), or `nil', which stands for the
     default directory (which is the value of `default-directory').

     The value of `exec-path' is used by `call-process' and
     `start-process' when the PROGRAM argument is not an absolute file
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