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I need to solve next problem:

I need the most optomized solution for count new time comments in blogposts.

My own solution is:

create one more tbl, where save blogpost_id, lastview_num_comment what updated with every review of post, and count_num_comment what == blog_post.num_comments


function post($id){
   if($id && $id!=0){
      $sql = "SELECT `num_comments` FROM `blog_post` WHERE `id`=".quote_smart($id);
      $sql = "UPDATE `new_comments` SET last_view_numcom=".$rw['num_comments'];
         return 1;
      }else $this->error("database connect failed");
   }else redirect("");

but with everyone adding comment i need to use update query what aren't the best solution

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I don't think there is better solution if you need real time number. Otherwise you could update this every x minutes by cron.

However you can improve this code by reducing it to one mysql_query run:

$sql = "UPDATEnew_commentsSET last_view_numcom = (SELECTnum_commentsFROMblog_postWHEREid=".quote_smart($id).")";

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but if i have over 1k users and over 5k posts, it's about 5k queries with every comment adding. Any ideas? – Gurzhii Dmitry Mar 20 '12 at 10:26
How much does it take to run this one update query and how much it takes if you would like to SELECT COUNT(*) this amount from comments table? I can't see why so simple update needs to be optimized. – Somal Somalski Mar 20 '12 at 10:30
If there is huge traffic in comment table maybe try using innoDb if you are using myIsam (myIsam locks whole table while read/write, innoDb locks single rows) – Somal Somalski Mar 20 '12 at 10:33

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