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I have a report that shows Overtime of an employee of a particular month. I want to calculate the total number of overtime in footer

This is how i'm calculating overtime

  • "tout" is EmployeeLeavingtime
  • "otLimint" is the Timelimit (like if ShiftEndTime is 6:00PM then overtime will be calculated if tout is > 6:30)
  • shiftendTime is (6:00PM)

    string timeOut = r["TimeOut"].ToString();
    Time tOUT = new Time(timeOut);
    Time OtLimit = new Time(18, 30, 00);
    if (tOUT > OtLimit)
        DateTime ShiftendTime = Convert.ToDateTime(r["ShiftEndTime"].ToString());
        DateTime Out          = Convert.ToDateTime(r["TimeOut"].ToString());
        TimeSpan span         = Out.Subtract(ShiftendTime);
        r["OTHrs"] = span.ToString().Replace("-","");

im using

Sum(Fields!TotalLH.Value) in Report footer expression

but this is not showing Total at runtime

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