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I'm using 4.0 (Web Forms website) and I've implemented a custom disk based output provider which works fine in caching the pages on my site. The problem I'm getting however is that I cannot find a way to remove a specific page from the cache and I suspect it's a problem with Url Rewriting.

For example, if I have a page called test.aspx, I can easily remove it from the cache using:


This does not work for a page that is output cached through id though eg is rewritten as

I can see the cached version of the page but I cannot remove it from the disk cache as I need an absolute virtual path for RemoveOutputCacheItem to work. I've tried the following:


And a lot of other variations but nothing seems to work.

The cached key for the url does not match the stored key a2_myfolder_page.aspxHQNidV1FCDE when trying to use RemoveOutputCacheItem.

Is there any solution for that? Or another way to get specific cached pages evicted? Thanks

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Have you tried using the VaryByParam or VaryByCustom, and use "id" as your custom identifier:

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I'm already using VaryByParam in the Output page directive on Page.aspx and all versions are cached properly eg id=1, id=2 etc. RemoveOutputCacheItem is just not working for any rewritten urls. – gices Mar 20 '12 at 10:48

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