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So i'm using MonoDevelop (for some MonoTouch R&D) and have a Unit Testing class library using NUnit.

I have a single [TestFixture] and a couple of [Test] classes. I can run all the tests in one single go .. but i have no idea how i can DEBUG (as in, breakpoint + step through) an individual one.

How can I do this, please?

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Did you come across with the below article?… See the "Points of Interests" and may be – Spock Jun 30 '12 at 14:37
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If you have a regular NUnit test class library in MonoDevelop, you should be able to use the Mono Soft Debugger on individual tests.

In the Unit Tests tab, select the test that you want to debug and right-click on the test. Select Run Test With > Mono Soft Debugger:

enter image description here

Now, you should be able to step through the test code as desired:

enter image description here

This has been tested on a recent version, 3.0, of MonoDevelop.

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