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I am a RoR developer. I work with a graphic designer who prepares static html/css files and forward them to me.

Then I covert those html code to haml and include them in my views.

I use http://html2haml.heroku.com/ to covert html to haml. But it doesn't covert to haml using Rails helpers.


It converts

<img src="abc.png" />


%img{:src => "abc.png"}/

But I need it to be converted to

=image_tag "abc.png"

The same for other Rails helpers (link_to, text_field, ...etc)

Is there anything can make my work easier and converts using helpers?

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it'd be really tedious work all the magic happens here, https://github.com/nex3/haml/blob/master/lib/haml/html.rb

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can you explain more? –  Mahmoud Khaled Mar 20 '12 at 17:33

I think, there's only one solution to this: your views should be built with Rails helpers from its beginning. There's many tools that can help create static views (which become your project views then), such as Serve or Middleman. The downside is that your designer should know about Rails helpers, haml etc, but this is a classical tradeoff.

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