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Using bash expr, sed or awk, how can I determine the git base directory for a given git repo?

For example: git@git.gitweb.com:/myModule-repo.git => myModule-repo

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If you insist on doing that with these tools,

echo git@git.gitweb.com:/myModule-repo.git | sed 's%^.*/\([^/]*\)\.git$%\1%g'

(find the substring from the last / until the literary .git) should do the trick, otherwise I would use

basename git@git.gitweb.com:/myModule-repo.git .git

which does the same (also, it is much more transparent and basename is as POSIX as sed and awk).

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echo "git@git.gitweb.com:/myModule-repo.git" | sed 's|git@git.gitweb.com:/||;s/.git//'
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echo git@git.gitweb.com:/myModule-repo.git | awk 'BEGIN {FS="/"} {print substr ($2, 1, 13)}'
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