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I am a .net web devoloper.

I always face problems while deploying applications in the client server on IIS virtual directory settings.Locally everything works fine but in the client server i always faced unexpected errors.

Mosty because of windows permissions etc.

Only while facing the problems we google it and find the solution and sometimes the deployment process delays long because of unexpected error.Most of the time its traial and error method.

Can anyone suggest a good book, articles,guidelines which suggest

a) Common deployment guidelines in web server.

b) Server settings and windows permissions.

c) Virtual Directory settings and IIS permissions in server.

d) Common errors faced and the solutions.

and also

A good book on windows settings ,user mangement,permissions ,simple networking lessons etc.



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There's a good article on IIS 6 best practices at http://msmvps.com/blogs/omar/archive/2008/10/04/best-practices-for-creating-websites-in-iis-6-0.aspx that is worth looking at.

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