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I have an image in my code, as defined here

    var imageObj = new Image();
imageObj.onload = function(){
    imageF = new Kinetic.Image({
        x: 0,
        y: 0,
        scale: (100,100),
        image: imageObj,
        name: "fluffy",
imageObj.src = "Flutter_Fluffy_100.png";

And I would like to be able to have it flip (horizontally) at certain times in the running. I tried to change the image source to a pre-flipped one, but that caused, well, a lot of problems with the image duplicating, resetting position and lots of stuff. Is there a method to flip an image that is created and used this way? Thanks!

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This is probably what you want:

//imageF.scale.y =-1;
imageF.scale.x =-1;

It's demonstrated here:

It's pretty much the same with an image:

edit: fixed link

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just to avoid confusion, I'd like to mention that the KineticJS API has changed a bit since this answer was posted. You can set the horizontal scale like this: imageF.setScale({x:-1}); – Eric Rowell Aug 29 '12 at 23:13

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