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I have an Entity and a related IdClass.

class MyEntity {
    @Id @ManyToOne You you; <---------------------|
    @Id @ManyToOne He he; ------------------------+---------|
}                                                 |         |
                                                  | @@?     |
class MyEntityId {                                |         | @@?
    Long you; <-----------------------------------|         |
    Long he; <----------------------------------------------|

Is it OK without any MapsId or something?
Does JPA automatically maps you to you and he to he?

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The types must match. I.e. they should be Long in your entity. Apart from that - yes, they are matched by name.

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Thank you. Doesn't JPA 2.0 make it possible to annotate @Id directly onto @ManyToOne? Example JPA 2.0 ManyToOne id annotation – Jin Kwon Mar 21 '12 at 0:59

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