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What i want to do is connect a NFC reader to the USB of a tablet. So what i want to know first of all is if its possible, if it is possible what brand and model of NFC and tablet should i buy and what version of android is required to use android.nfc package.

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See my answer here – NFC guy Mar 20 '12 at 16:21

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The tablet needs to have android 2.3 or higher and a USB port in your case

But as far as I know there are nor commercial android tablets with NFC chip.

In theory it should work, although I can't confirm if a usb NFC reader will work. Also there is a difference between a NFC 'tag' and NFC 'reader'. I know that since android 2.3 NFC tags shouldn't be a problem, I can't confirm the reader though.

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Yeah it works perfectly with tablet.NFC support are there in api but its upto tablet manufacturer

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