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I need to access as String all the single parameters contained in a complex Json.

for example String people=...; String idPeople=...; etc.

I have tried to use the JSONTokeners, as I have tried to search for similar question, and for simple json I haven't problem but I don't know how to get the parameters correctly from this:

             "description":"Lorem impsum bla bla",

             "description":"Lorem impsum bla bla",

NB the numbers of object in the array people is not always 2... and may contains 4 or more people object

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I've not tried. But i guess it may work.

    JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(jsonString);
    String id = obj.getString("id");
    String error = obj.getString("error");
    JSONObject result = obj.getJSONObject("result");
    int nPeople = result.getInt("nPeople");
    JSONArray people = result.getJSONArray("people");
    for(int i = 0 ; i < people.length() ; i++){
        JSONObject p = (JSONObject)people.get(i);
        String namePeople = p.getString("namePeople");
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This was driving me crazy. I'm dabbling in Android dev after objective-c and couldn't figure this out. Thanks! –  Evan Dyson Jun 3 '12 at 11:04

if we call the json you post myJsonString,

JSonObject obj = new JSonObject(myJsonString);
JSonObject result = obj.getJSONObject("result");
JSonArray people = result.getJSONArray("people");
int numOfPeople = result.getInt("nPeople");
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You can learn from these links. Very simple example shown in these links. And post sample of JSON that you received for more clear answer from people. Thanks.




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