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I have caught myself in a issue, I know its not that difficult but I couldnt figure out how to implement it. I have an m file that looks like


for m=1:1:70;  

Lmin = PVinv.InductanceDimens();
Wa_Ac = PVinv.CoreSizeModel();
[loss_ind_core,loss_ind_copper] = PVinv.InductorLossModel(PVinv.m_L_Selected);
hold on
xlim([10e3 90e3])
grid on
xlabel('Switching Frequency [kHz]');
ylabel('Power loss [W]');


And the function that is of interest is CoreSelect(Wa_Ac)

function obj = CoreSelect(obj, WaAc)
             obj.m_Core_Available= obj.m_Core_List(i);
            obj.m_L_Selected.m_Core = obj.m_Core_Available;


I want to change the value of i from obj.m_Core_List(1) to obj.m_Core_List(27) within that for loop of main m file. How can I get the value of the function coreselect when I call it in main m file For eg for m=1 to 70 I want the function to take the value of i=1 then execute till plot command and then same with but i=2 and so on Any suggestion would be really helpful

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Thanks George it worked. But when plotting data i get only data points but no line connecting them I tried using meshgrid but it didnt seems working – mirage Mar 20 '12 at 15:47

I'm not sure I understand your question perfectly, but I think you want to pass an index i to the CoreSelect function, and loop i from 1 to 27 outside of the function. Try this:

function obj = CoreSelect(obj, WaAc, i)

for i=1:27,
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