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In what directory do I have to place my themes.xml in order that my android recognises the correct version?

I have two versions of themes.xml. One is used by tablets. And the other one shall be used for phones with large screens. I placed the one for tablets in the folder res\values-v11\themes.xml and the other one in res\values\themes.xml

Unfortunately someting doesn't work. I definied a textColor for textViews in each of the files with different colors, so that I can recognise the file which was chosen by the OS on different phones. It worked perfectly on a xoom tablet with android 3.2. On a galaxy s2 with 2.3.5 it doesn't work.

What am I missing?

Here are the styles I use: Tablet:

<style name='MyTheme' parent='android:Theme.Holo.Light'>

<style name='' parent='@style/MyAutoComplete'>
  <item name='textColor'>@color/red</item>


<style name='MyTheme' parent='android:Theme.Light.NoTitleBar'>

  <style name='' parent='@style/MyAutoComplete'>
    <item name='textColor'>@color/blue</item>
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Since your requirement is to track OS version by textView's color.

I have following suggestion. (Colors are for example only, you can change yourself)

  1. res/values -> Yellow Color // Phone using 2.3.* or before
  2. res/values-v11 -> Red Color // Phone using 3.0 or later
  3. res/values-xlarge -> Green Color // Tablet using 2.3.* or before
  4. res/values-xlarge-v11 -> Blue Color // Tablet using 3.0 or later

So a Xoom should show Blue, a S2 (2.3.*) should show Yellow, a Galaxy nexus should show Red.

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ok, so my folder structure is actually correct. I tried it with the colors and this worked for 2/3/4. It didn't work for number 1. – Marco Mar 20 '12 at 14:50
figured it out. Apparently the theme: android:Theme.Light.NoTitleBaroverwrites the TextColors! I use now just android:Theme and the color is visible. Thanks! – Marco Mar 20 '12 at 14:55
Ok, glad to know that. :) – Calvin Mar 20 '12 at 14:56

You need to create a theme in styles.xml and place it in res/values folder.

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Put "Tablet" in res/values-xlarge and "Non-Tablet" in res/values

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You need to have two seperate xml files for the two themes to able to run the theme in the two seperate devices

Place both in resource :)

Hope it helps

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