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I am trying to search All .PHP files or ALL .SH files for any reference that contains:

'into tbl_free_minutes_mar'

I have command line access to the server but the files may be scattered in different directories.

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For all directories everywhere,

find / -type f \( -name '*.php' -o -name '*.sh' \) \
  -exec fgrep 'into tbl_free_minutes_mar' {} \+

For fewer directories elsewhere, just give a list of paths instead of /. To just list the matching files, try fgrep -l. If your file names might not always match the wildcards in the -name conditions, maybe scan all files.

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find / -type f \( -name \*.php -o -name \*.sh \) -exec grep 'into tbl_free_minutes_mar' {} /dev/null \;

Change find / ... to to something less all-encompassing if you know the general area that you want to look in, e.g. find /home ...

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Provided /base/path is the path where you want to start looking this will get you a list of files:

find /base/path -type f -iregex '.*\.\(php\|sh\)$' -exec grep -l 'into tbl_free_minutes_mar' '{}' \;
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